Clarksville AR

713 County Road 3566 Clarksville
Clarksville, AR

Aug 30 - Sep 1

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General Information

Testing Wednesday and Thursday


1st Flight
125 Runabout
K Pro Hydro
A Runabout

2nd Flight
A1 Runabout
E Runabout
C Runabout

3rd Flight
A1 Hydro
B Runabout
Modified 25 Hydro


1st Flight

C Stock Hydro Elims & Finals
250 Runabout
Super E Runabout

2nd Flight

350 Hydro
A Hydro
E Hydro

3rd Flight

175 Hydro
500 Runabout
C Modified Hydro
D Runabout


1st Flight

B Hydro Elims & Finals
250 Hydro
350 Runabout

2nd Flight

125 Hydro
700 Runabout
D Hydro

3rd Flight

Super E Hydro Elims & Finals
1100 Hydro

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