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By Ray Rodda

Sep 2, 2019

Day three complete at the USTS/NBRA Long Course Nationals and you wonder how it could have gone by so quickly and yet it did. Our thanks to Darrell, Deanna, Julie and the Johnson County Dive team for a job well, well, well done. Thank you all for the great effort in our behalf. We could not have done it without your support. Mr. Mayor, we look forward to returning in May next year for an even better turnout.

I will start this morning with the speeds for all classes of NBRA and USTS run during the weekend on the one mile certified surveyed course with the USTS drivers doing four laps, and then recap the racing itself.

ER- 54.4 K-Pro-41.17 Chase McKean
CR- 49.37 250R-65.85 Curt Hellsten
BR-43.239 350H-78.27 Kurt Nydahl
M25-56.0 175H-66.04 Brad Dygert
CSH-55.3 500R-67.35 Brian Payn
SER-60.0 75.618 250H-75.618 Kurtis Nydahl
AH-53.7 350R-70.89 Brian Payn
EH-65.4 700R-73.14 Jason Sailer
CMH-60.9 125H-61.675 John Palmquist
DR-57.9 1100H-80.55 Doug Hall

I currently do not have the last of the NBRA speeds, but will check on them, the records were noted in yesterday’s posting as to who held them.
Well we woke to the sound of thunder Sunday morning and were hoping for a bit cooler weather and for the most part it was cooler, just more humid, but the racing was hot as the NBRA and USTS crowned 2019 Champions.

In the NBRA BH category, Tara Cook was doing just that in the first heat cooking the field for the win and setting a record, Rhett Hebert took the next heat and took second over all to Tara with Rick Miller finishing third.
In DH, Ed Dawson and Todd Stone fought to almost a draw in the first heat with Ed, by inches in front and setting the record while doing so. The second heat was even faster for Ed and it was a cake walk as Todd got trapped in the back at the start and Ed was never headed. Jeremy Summerall finished in the 3rd spot.
In Super E Hydro, Jason Hay and John Palmquist went at one another hammer and tong and was an exciting event with John taking the first heat by mear boat lengths, and in the next heat Jason got out front and John chased him to the end, but came up a bit short, in both the win of the heat and overall, as Jason was the winner, John in second, and David Mason for 3rd.
I Novice, Elizabeth Larimore took the win over Keagan Oswily

In the USTS racing, the speeds were tremendous as was the competition. The continuation of the winners on Saturday taking 3 peats, continued in 250H which was our first class up Sunday and was for the National Championship. Kurtis Nydahl had dominated with three heat wins on Saturday in 350H and repeated it in the 250H category as he put his stamp on the two cylinder classes. His starts were unreal, and he could put that boat anywhere he wanted to get around anyone in front. A big shout out to Vinny Buskirk who showed tremendous speed, but even more impressive were his starts as he hit them right on the button to put himself in a position for good finishes and did just that, as he finished 2nd overall to Kurtis with JP Jedwabny also with great starts had an outstanding day.

In 35OR, the 3 peats continued as Brian Payn, driving the Brinkman, B&B Electric entry ran off 3 straight heats to the chagrin of his competitors as he went off and hid from Jackson Hall and a second podium finish for Vinny Buskirk in the runabout. Quite a weekend for the young man.
In 125H, John Palmquist went out and I thought here we go again, as he won the first two heats, only to find the engine gremlin in the 3rd heat as Brad Dygert who finished second in those heats went on to take the final and the win overall. Ethan Fox again with great starts took the 3rd spot and shows improvement in every heat through the summer.
In 700R Jared Gryskiewicz and Jason Sailer traded heat wins, with Jared coming out on top with a faster overall time in the two heats. Sean McKean took the 3rd spot in these monsters of the midway, so un used to seeing Sean in a runabout for sure and hope to see his capsule up and running next year for sure.
In 1100H, Doug Hall ran off and hid in the first heat with the Rossi 880 singing the song. Dan Kirts finished second and Ray Bradford taking the third spot. In the second heat, Doug took off once again and was leading by a good amount and as he crossed the start finish line with one to go, the engine let go and his day was done. Doug set the record at 80.5MPH in the first heat for the fastest heat of the weekend. Dan Kirst came along for the first spot and now had 700 points going to the final, Andy Kirts took 2nd and Ray Bradford took 3rd once again. In the 3rd and final heat, Dan Kirts took the lead at the get go, only to see another championship go up in smoke as his engine stopped coming out of the bottom corner beginning lap 3. Ray Bradford had a great start in this heat and kept Andy at bay, as he finished just behind Ray with Ray taking the championship and Dan Kirts 2nd and Andy Kirts taking 3rd.
This was a great venue and we had more than a welcoming sponsor and city that was very accommodating and we were able to have a great event because of it. We thank all of our volunteers who helped make this event a success. Thanks to Jeff Ruth for all of his effort on the NBRA side and Bailey Owen, the referee for the NBRA. Bill Kurps, our referee on the USTS Side Todd Brinkman our President and Denise Eldredge and her crew.
We started at 11;45 yesterday morning and wee done with all racing by 4pm, great job by the drivers ready to go, and our officials who kept it going.