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2019 Start Rules for 125 & 250 Hydro --- Round 1 – Lake Alfred, FL & Round 2 – Pleasant Prairie, WI

By Diane Murray

Apr 2, 2019

Determining Starting Lineup:

1. 1st heat starting order will be determined by a drawing at drivers meeting. Drivers will draw in order based on date of pre-registration. Number drawn by driver will determine their lane – 1 being the left most inside lane. Drivers who do not pre-register will draw amongst each other for the remaining lanes for the 1st heat.

2. Subsequent heat starting order is determined by previous heat finishing position. In the case of multiple DNF’s, these drivers will make up the remaining lanes based on previous heat starting position.


1. The distance between the start line and the first turn mark must be in a straight line and at least 300 meters.

2. Drivers must keep their respective starting lanes to the first turning buoy and through completion of the first turn (determined per race course), not interfering in the path of competing boats. Sufficient room on the inside must be left by the leading boat, if not pole, to allow others higher in the lineup to negotiate the turn. Upon completion of the first turn, normal racing rules apply.

3. Lap count will begin when drivers cross start/finish line the first time.

4. It is the starting marshal’s duty to ensure front of boats are in line, so as competitors to do not gain an unfair advantage by crew moving out towards the first buoy.

Starting Procedure:

1. When the starting marshal is satisfied that all drivers are ready to start, with engines stopped, the judge’s stand will start the clock at 3 minutes and warming of engines may begin. (If clock or spectator clock is not visible to driver’s/starting crew, a 3 minute/2 minute and 1 minute/30 second board can alternatively be used by the starting marshal in lieu of the clock.)

2. When 30 seconds remains, warming of engines must be stopped and a quiet period will ensue.

3. When the clock reaches 0, the judge’s stand or starting marshal will raise a green flag. Crew should lift boats and starter should prepare for race to start.

4. After 5-10 seconds the green flag is quickly lowered to signal the start.

5. Late starters: A driver who has failed to start before a safe time determined by the starting marshal, must wait until the whole field has passed the start area and the starting marshal indicates that he/she may join the race in the proper way (to the right).

6. Any boat starting unsuccessfully must be returned to shore.

7. Any crew member swimming, or wading, out to a boat will cause his/her entry to be disqualified.