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Tom Terwall regatta

By Ray Rodda

Sep 8, 2021

History has a way of taking opportunities to make an appearance at any given time and brings someone, and or event in time for us to look at and contemplate the meaning.

Fortunately for the US. Title Series, we have been a part of history both in the making and honoring those who brought change and left a legacy that is to be honored and will have that opportunity this weekend

We will be in Pleasant Prairie this weekend for the Tom Terwall Regatta Presented by The US Title Series and be a part of a wonderful ceremony to honor Thomas (Tom) Terwell of Pleasant Prairie, WI. I think Tom would enjoy very much the connection of a boat race in conjunction with this honor as Tom was a “Motörhead” who enjoyed NASCAR. He also spent part of his career with Outboard Marine so the connection to boat racing is there

Tom was a leader in the Pleasant Prairie community and instrumental in the growth of this village over time. Looking from the shores of Lake Andrea you have a clear view of his vision for this community as his vision came to fruition. Tom was instrumental in moving Pleasant Prairie from a town to a village which opened avenues of government and cooperation between government entities and the business community. It provided for the growth we have seen over time.

There will be a ceremony on Sunday the 12th of Sept which is also Tom’s birth date, during the regatta on the beautiful venue of Lake Andrea. Village leaders will gather on the lake shore, named after another leader in the community, Joe Andrea, to honor the memory and work of this great village leader.

Tom Terwall was the last Town of Pleasant Prairie chairman and the first Village Board president when it incorporated. Tom served on the elected Board of Pleasant Prairie since 1977 -- first as a Pleasant Prairie Town Supervisor for 10 years, then as a Town Chairman for 2 years and then as the first Village President for 6 years.

He was a great advocate for growth for the community and involved in not only his city government but a forward thinker he was a member of the volunteer fire department.
Tom pushed for the development of EMT-D defibrillation rescue service level. In 1988-1989, Tom promoted the development of the EMT-I rescue service level. And, in 1991 he and other members of the Pleasant Prairie Fire & Rescue Department were the first graduates of the Paramedic rescue service level, being the smallest municipality in the State of Wisconsin to achieve that accomplishment.

Tom passed in 2020 after over 60 yrs of marriage to his bride and had two sons and two Grand Children

Join with the current board President John Steinbrink, Community leaders, friends, family, and the US Title Series in honoring this visionary as the city fathers honor Tom with a bench and plaque in the ceremonies at about 2PM on Sunday.