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DePue 2021 is On

By Ray Rodda

Jun 21, 2021

The most exciting news in quite some time has been announced as the APBA Nationals with the USTS conducting has been approved by the Depue Men’s Club for our usual weekend, starting the last Friday of July. Testing will commence on Wednesday the 28th and conclude on the 29th with racing on Friday the 30thto Sunday Aug 1st.

All Pro classes including C Service and C Racing hydro and Runabout and a special event for the first time of K-Pro runabouts. 500, 750, 850MH and 850MR will be included in our program as well as C Stock Hydro and OSY400 as a part of our program at Depue.

Depue Men’s Club will be putting in their dam to capture water for the weekend of racing soon. As of this moment, we have enough water to run all open boat classes and are hopeful to receive more water from the rains this past weekend and more to come to ensure all classes can run for the National titles.

More information will be forthcoming as we receive it from the Men’s Club.